black coffee and stout: news from the studio

Re-Agent Remix Released


The Railgun remix from Re_agent's Abandon, the title track of his previous album, is now available on Re_agent's remix LP, Abscond. It can be purchased from Re_agent's Web site or from other fine online distributors like Storming the Base.


Website Relaunch, New Remix


The Railgun Web site has now relaunched, and is full of standards-compliant XHTML goodness. What's more, there are now more song samples online in the audio section; go check 'em out.

The Railgun studio has been completely retooled and the learning curves on all the new gear is settling busted piece of hardware left to fix. In any event, that means that the pace of musical production is picking back up again.

I just finished a remix of Re_agent's Abandon, the title track of his latest album; look for a remix disc called Abscond coming soon. Major thanks to DJ K-Y for the hookup.

As reported a few months back, the latest released Railgun track is "The Trouble With Progress" on the "FUCK" compilation from Hive Records. Support independent dark electronic music and grab a copy, yo.